Image by Utsav Srestha


Uganda is host to refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, and Somalia, amongst several other nations. Many refugees, based on conflicting news and knowledge in communities, are victims of misinformation, particularly in times of COVID-19. In collaboration with Jeunes Journalistes Sans Frontières, this site was created to offer refugees important information and news from refugee journalists located in Uganda. Initiated by Patrick Hakiza, the founder of Jeunes Journalistes Sans Frontières and a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the site offers blog posts, photos, news, and fact-checked information provided by over 74 journalists in Uganda. We seek to support refugees by providing up-to-date knowledge to raise awareness about refugee-related issues.

The journalists who are members of this site have built numerous partnerships with refugee stakeholders, including with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Office of The Prime Minister Uganda, nongovernmental organizations, refugee-led groups such as the Young African Refugees for Integral Development, and Global Refugee Network, amongst others. These partnerships enable the journalists of this site to keep-up-to-date on the most relevant and significant information and news for the refugee community.



Jeunes Journalistes Sans Frontières is an organization which brings together several refugee journalists of different nationalities. As it is difficult for refugee journalists to find jobs in host countries they are displaced to, especially because of language barriers that restrict refugees from obtaining journalist jobs, the idea of creating an organization to help bring young journalists together took shape. A group of refugee journalists started to meet and exchange information in their own languages, and one refugee became responsible for posting on Facebook or Twitter in English or French all of the information that was exchanged between the group. The Facebook and Twitter pages have grown to become a key source of information that is easily accessible for refugees in Uganda. 

In addition to the Facebook and Twitter pages, the organization has initiated and supported the creation of this website. Journalists from Jeunes Journalistes Sans Frontières share information on this website. Among the organization's projects include their collaboration and support in the creation of this website for fact-checked information by refugee journalists. The ultimate goal however, is to create the first community radio for and by refugees living in Uganda.