Refugees are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, with the same hopes and ambitions as us—except that a twist of fate has bound their lives to a global refugee crisis on an unprecedented scale.

Khaled Hosseini



Who We Are


Patrick Simpenzwe Hakiza is the coordinator of sport for development and soccer for peace at YARID in Kampala, Uganda. He is a Congolese refugee journalist residing in Uganda who was born in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and of the generation who has been impacted by the continued instability of the DRC.


Ruth Omar is a young and passionate journalist, blogger, and storyteller. She is a 2020 Media Challenge Fellow and a graduate of Cavendish University in Uganda. She is also a radio presenter at Bonjour Kampala.


Felici Odra, born in 1996, is a journalist presenter who reports on refugee issues and communities.


Dyna Roselyne is a passionate journalist from Burundi. Born in the North of Burundi and grew up in Bujumbura where she was enrolled in the Arts section at Lycée du Saint Espirit and graduated in Organisational Communication at Université du Lac Tanganyika. She worked at Imbonezanews before settling in Kampala as a refugee. Dyna is fluent in French, English, Kiswahili and Kirundi.


Aline Mabweko fell in love with journalism at the age of five, during a visit from her school to the Radio Télévision Nationale Congolaise/Goma in her hometown in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her dream of being a journalist became true as she is a journalist today. Aline currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.

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