Daily Activities of Children in the Kyaka II Refugee Camp

Every morning like everyone else, children in the Kyaka II Refugee Camp go to the field to cultivate.

A child cultivating.
Travelling to the fields to cultivate.

After the field, those who are lucky, go to school. However, the school is not the normal school because the Ugandan government have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic except for finalist students. In addition, certain organizations remain operating which gather children in small groups according to the villages within Kyaka II Refugee Camp. These organizations offer lessons of the basics of mathematics, reading, and hygiene, amongst other topics.

In the evening, children with families who have cattle go to graze the cows and goats not far from their football field where they spend the rest of the day playing football. The youngest stay at home and play.

Herding cattle.

Children playing football.
Children playing football.
Younger children staying at home and playing.

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