Democratic Republic of Congoa Goma Volcanic Eruption

#DRC #Goma #Eruption: Please note, some images of the Eruption of Geldingadalur, Iceland, are broadcast as those of the DRC.

The evacuation plan is well underway in Goma following the new eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano.

The last eruption of Nyiragongo dates from January 17, 2002. With the instability of this region of Eastern DRC, a large movement of refugees is possible towards neighboring countries including Uganda which accommodates more than 1.4 million refugees, mainly Congolese and South Sudanese.

The effects of the Nyiragongo eruption are devastating:

- Many families lost theirs as children and family members during the panics.

- More than 5,000 people have been displaced to Rwanda.

- More than 17,000 people headed for Sake in Masisi territory west of Goma.

- The Nyiragongo volcano (as stated by the governor) continues to erupt.

- The lava from the volcano stopped at #Buhene (Nyiragongo territory).

- The city of Goma was not affected.

- Makao cemeteries and Goma airport are intact.

- 5 people lost their lives in Rwasama (Ndosho) by Fuso vehicle accident.

- The physical damage reports are unknown.

- There have been thefts from shops, homes and stores.

- Possibility of prisoner leaks in #Munzenze (bullets felt there).

- No security issues reported at this time.

The situation is serious and alarming in Goma, a massive movement of the population in this period of health crisis may occur.

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