Government's New Restrictions Imposed in Combatting New Wave of COVID-19 in Uganda

Presidential directive on Covid-19:

1. All schools closed for 42 days.

2. All teachers MUST fully vaccinate before going back to school.

3. Communal prayers in churches, mosques, malls suspended for 42 days

4. Public and cultural gathering/conferences suspended for 42 days.

5. Travel from category A countries suspended but category B too may be revised depending.

6. Farming should continue.

7. Marriage ceremonies allowed with a maximum of 20 people. (Must be Scientific)

8. House parties banned.

9. Number of persons at vigils/burrials must not exceed 20.

10. Markets suspended for 42 days.

11. All public transport across districts suspended for 42 days.

12. Cargo trucks only 3 people are allowed.

13. Bars discos, cinemas, closed

14. Sports allowed but with empty stadiums.

15. All offices are directed to encourage people to work from home and back to shifts after 42 days.

16. Private vehicles maximum of 3 people but only within the district...Inter district movement is banned for 42 days.

17. Shopping arcades, hardware shops can continue up to 5pm while observing Sops

18. Food markets will continue operating up to 7pm

19. Saloons, lodges allowed to operate up to 7pm

20. Curfew shall remain at 9pm to 5:30am.

21. Bodabodas allowed to operate up to 6pm

22. Factories allowed to operate.

Failure to comply with the above will lead to total lockdown.

All the above directives take immediate effect.

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