Refugees require covid-19 vaccination

The vaccine must be accessible to everyone including migrants, refugees, and stateless people if we are to build strong systems that protect all of us.

Given the record levels of forced displacement in this Great Lakes region, we need to better include and support refugees and the communities that host them.

Refugees and migrants too often remain excluded from health systems.

Among the challenges they face in accessing health care are the lack of inclusive policies, language barriers, or prohibitive costs. This is particularly the case with Uganda as a low-income country with more than 1,4 million refugees and other countries in the region struggling to meet the health needs of their own populations.

Uganda is widely recognised as having one of the most progressive refugee policies in the world. In addition to hosting more refugees than any other country in Africa, It allows refugees the right to work and significant freedom of movement.

It is of upmost importance that refugees receive the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible.

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