The situation of refugees in Kampala facing the elections

Uganda is among the countries hosting some of the largest number of refugees in the world.

A few days before the elections in Uganda, the refugees, like everyone else in the country, are focused on the current situation of the country which is dominated by the presidential elections.

Among several candidates, two are in favor: the outgoing president Yuweri Musiveni and the musician Robert Kyagulani known as Bobi Wine.

Although refugees cannot vote, several of them say they are insecure after several threats from certain Ugandans who accuse them of supporting the outgoing president Museveni which means that some have decided to go to refugee settlements far from Kampala, the Ugandan capital city, and others who cannot afford to leave the city have decided to stay at home and not go out.

We therefore ask all refugees to remain calm and to avoid all groups or demonstrations of a political nature as well as to report as soon as possible to the local police when they feel threatened.

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